The best alternative to oxygen tanks.

The world's smallest continuous-flow oxygen generator.

We create and supply pure oxygen for mission critical applications.

Rev 1.0

July 2017

5mL/min oxygen

2 lbs

30min battery life

Rev 2.0

December 2017

50 mL/min oxygen

3 lbs

Not battery powered

Rev 3.0

March 2018

600 mL/min oxygen

3 lbs

1 hour battery life

We spoke to some of the 4 million North Americans that carry oxygen with them every day.

“Make a device that fits in your pocket, you’ll be laughing, you’ll be loved”

“If I need to use oxygen tanks, then my life is no good to me”

“I have a hard time getting the oxygen tanks in and out of my car”

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Precision engineering and nanotechnology allow us to build a weight-optimized oxygen generator.

Oxygen Purity 96% +- 4%
Oxygen Flow 0.6 LPM Continuous
Battery Life 1.5 Hours @ Maximum Flow
Weight (with battery) 3 lbs

In the future, we will enable life to survive where it can't today.


Our team is building oxygen equipment to increase people's freedom.

John Grousopoulos
Co-Founder, CEO

Chris Hajduk
Co-Founder, COO

James Morrison
Hardware Lead